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Support for Ukraine

Ways to Support Ukraine and Ukrainian Refugees

Support the RPCV Alliance for Ukraine – The mission of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers’ Alliance for Ukraine (RPCV-AUA) is to empower an international network of people, agencies, and organizations dedicated to fostering a self-determined and globally-connected Ukraine by enacting the shared values of the Peace Corps community. Ukraine RPCVs have rapidly mobilized to assist our Ukrainian friends, family members, colleagues, and communities. We are advocating, sending donations of money and supplies, engaging mass media, and directly assisting friends in need of transportation, housing, and money to survive.

Support the Friends of Moldova RPCV Group – We are the Friends of Moldova, an organization of Return Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV), whose mission is to support Moldovan civil and youth activists, initiatives, and social entrepreneurs. Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor, has opened its home to Ukrainian refugees. Our connections with the many organizations and people in Moldova have put us in a position to significantly contribute to this disaster. We are collaborating with Peace Corps Moldova as well as local Moldovan and RPCV businesses to support Ukrainian refugees. At the request of the Moldovan community leaders, we have organized this fundraiser to aid refugee support efforts.

Support for Afghanistan

Ways to Support the Afghan Resettlement Effort

Below are organizations that are currently supporting the Afghan Resettlement Effort, please visit their website to learn more.


Watch now– the Women of Peace Corps Legacy event- Peace Corps and Afghanistan, then and now.  Learn about the history of the Peace Corps in Afghanistan and how returned Peace Corps Volunteers are supporting the current Operation Allies Welcome effort- helping to welcome and support Afghans that recently arrived in the U.S.

Support for Ethiopia

Ways to Support Ethiopia

The Ethiopia and Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers launched a fund-raising campaign in April 2021 in partnership with three NGOs working in Tigray and other regions: Medecins Sans Frontiers, the International Rescue Committee, and Save the Children. They have provided and continue to provide significant humanitarian assistance to all war victims. The Ethiopia and Eritrea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are broadening their relief fund to include other areas of Ethiopia. At the same time, they are coordinating several new routes to providing better understanding of, and assistance to, the people of Ethiopia. They are currently planning a series of virtual presentations on the state of the nation now given by Ethiopian friends and other experts. They are also considering discussion groups in which E&E RPCVs will be able to talk among ourselves to better understand what is happening in the country. They are also looking into a program of cultural activities including programs on the country’s art and music. Please visit their website to learn more about how you get involved in their organization through donating funds or joining their board or committees.

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