Get Involved

These are some great, already existing organizations that do great work to help address the issues of women and girls.

Community Family Life Services

An organization that specializes in providing families the tools and resources to move out of poverty and homelessness. They also support women who are moving out of the prison system to help them establish permanent self-sufficiency.

Windows of Peace

Windows of Peace is an organization that provides peace education to show a different perspective than the mainstream media in Israel, specifically on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By educating youth in the area of journalism, the organization provides a way for youth to become involved in media. They believe that by educating young people, it will change the perspective on the conflict and also will open a new way to communicate between different beliefs.

Khwendo Kor

Khwendo Kor is a means “sister’s home,” and is a non-governmental organization that addresses the issues of women by helping them take steps to better themselves and their families.

Taxpayers for Public Safety 

This organization was started by the 2018 winners of the Deborah Harding Women of Achievement Award. It is an organization that helps women recently released from the incarceration system to be members of the community. To learn more or get information about volunteering please contact Roma Guy: [email protected].

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